Process Chemicals for Endoscopy

Specially Formulated Process Chemicals for AERs Performances.

For your endoscope reprocessing needs, Steelco offers a complete, comprehensive range of process chemicals, ensuring economical and efficient throughput along with optimal performance.

Process chemicals dedicated to AERs have been developed in cooperation with the market-leading manufacturer for process chemicals used in instrument disinfection, Dr.Weigert GmbH & Co. KG. Neodisher® products were configured specifically for maximizing the Steelco AERs performances. Steelco Xide System, thanks to a dedicated cycle program for Steelco devices EW 1 and EW 1 S, offers a double ISO compliance (ISO 15883-4 and ISO 14937).

By using Steelco process chemicals, the Steelco endoscope reprocessors reach the highest efficiency results proven by microbiological tests guaranteeing the best safety conditions for the instruments. Check the available chemical solution for your region with your local representatives.

Paracetic Acid Process

Neodisher® SC designed for Steelco

This product guarantees excellence in cleaning performances and protection of the materials at low dosing temperatures (of 35°C / 95°F).

Neodisher® Septo PAC designed for Steelco

Based on peracetic acid, this disinfectant has a broad spectrum of activity providing secure and fast processes with the best material compatibility.

Neodisher® MediKlar designed for Steelco

The use of this rinsing agent improves the instruments drying results.

Hydrogen Peroxide Process


SteelcoXide-DT is a modern and effective concentrated synthetic detergent substance, which is totally hydro-soluble, for the cleaning of flexible endoscopes and other medical devices. SteelcoXide-DT is specifically indicated for combined use with SteelcoXide (SteelcoXide-A + SteelcoXide-B), a chemical sterilant.


SteelcoXide-A consists of ADAMAVIR COMPLEX®, a synthetic molecule and other co-formulants. SteelcoXide performs an exclusive synergic action combining the properties of Steelco Xide-A with the properties of hydrogen peroxide.


SteelcoXide-B consists of hydrogen peroxide. The interaction between Acetic Acid and hydrogen peroxide (SteelcoXide-A + SteelcoXide-B) allows the formation of an active sterilising substance.

Glutaraldehyde Process

Neodisher® SC designed for Steelco

Neodisher® Septo GDA designed for Steelco

A disinfectant with extensive bactericidal, fungicidal, mycobactericidal, and virucidal activity based on aldehydes.