SteelcoData Ares

Complete Endoscope Reprocessing Traceability

SteelcoData Ares is a web-based and cloud-ready traceability software designed explicitly for tracking and monitoring each activity implemented in your ARES department, guaranteeing the full traceability of your endoscopy workflow, thus significantly improving the reprocessing efficiency and performance. Meeting the operational requirements of the endoscopic room, the software promptly and efficiently traces and provides relevant information to maintain safety and high productivity.

The software can be integrated with different types of equipment to collect further data and information. With a smart storage infrastructure, it efficiently stores all endoscope history relevant data, ensuring any search to be fast and straightforward, seamlessly visualizing all the details needed. SteelcoData Ares supports hands-free input from both barcode or RFID identification systems.

Key Features


SteelcoData Ares can be implemented in time with additional modules according to the specific needs of the endoscopy department.

Web Based - Cloud Ready

The software offers a user-friendly interface completely web-based and cloud-ready: users can log into the system through a standard web browser.


Configured using access policies that allow operators to display only information in their area of competence.

Monitoring Analysis and Reporting System

Full and detailed reports to analyze key performance indicators and production costs. Electronic record-keeping and invoice automation.


Designed to be integrated with different types of equipment, with administration and finance, warehouse systems, and other software applications.

Multilanguage Helpdesk

The system and all the devices are remotely monitored by the Helpdesk technical assistance service.