SteelcoSure Process Control

Indepedent Performance Verification for AERs Equipment and Processes

SteelcoSure is a set of tools allowing independent verification of devices’ performance and washing and sterilization phases. A comprehensive range of process indicators and tests specifically dedicated to endoscopy, tracking the efficacy of your equipment and your decontamination processes. They ensure the highest level of safety for staff and patients and minimize the risk of surgical site infections from instruments that have not been adequately reprocessed. With the environment in our mind, our products are lead- and toxic-heavy metal-free. Furthermore, we reduced packaging to protect the environment with low transportation costs.


Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Indicator

The Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide chemical indicator is designed to monitor the process efficacy of Steelco endoscope reprocessors using SteelcoXide liquid hydrogen peroxide. It detects the critical parameters of the process: level of peroxide, exposure time, and temperature.

Inner pack: 100 per pouch
Code 9992110P

Outer pack: 20 pouches per case
Code 9992110

Protein Detection Test

The SteelcoSure Protein Detection Test is a simple test, detecting residual proteins on the surgical instruments and potentially contaminated surfaces by means of a color change in the test solution.

Inner pack: 30 per box
Code: 9992095P

Outer pack: 18 boxes per case
Code: 9992095

Long Lumen Protein test

The SteelcoSure Protein test is sensitive to 1μg of protein and designed to detect residual proteins on inside channels of rigid and flexible endoscopes and other potentially contaminated lumen instruments by means of a color change in the test solution within 10 seconds at room temperature without requiring incubation. The test utilizes 2.5 meters long and 2.8 mm diameter swab.

Inner pack: 5 per box
Code: 9992096P

Outer pack: 15 boxes per case
Code: 9992096


Steelco Q-Water BSK

A professional water sampling kit for the bacterial check provides a ready, easy to use assembled sterile kit to enable water samples to be taken in a controlled environment to minimize the risk of accidental sample contamination.

Inner pack: 30 kits per case
Code: 99911268

SteelcoSure products – manufactured in ISO 9001 and 13485 certified facilities that have passed FDA inspections – are produced and tested according to current regulations such as EN ISO 15883, 11140 and 11138.