Furniture for the Sterile Area

Storage and Transportation Solutions for Sterile Area.

Once you have been sterilizing your items, you are now ready to transport them into the sterile zone. Your goods can either be transferred immediately to their point of use or be stored, ready to be moved. For this aim, we offer different storage, transfer, and transport solutions for DIN and ISO size containers and wrapped goods and pouches. Shelving is available in stainless steel and aluminum structures with solid or wire shelves or runners for baskets. The pass-through cabinet effectively isolates the sterile area, allowing for the safe loading of containers and wraps into trolleys.

Mobile Open Storage and Transportation

A wide range of different open mobile transport solutions meets the distribution needs of DIN and ISO basket or container systems and pouches with products available for internal storage and transportation within CSSDs or their point of use.

Mobile and Wall Mounted Basket System

These flexible systems can accommodate both baskets and several accessories designed to hold different commonly used items; different length wall brackets are available.

Closed Instrument Trolley - Stainless Steel

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel with an anti-torsion chassis, all joints are TIG robot welded to ensure smooth surfaces. A ribbed roof for water drainage and reinforced double sheet doors with an interchangeable silicone rubber seal provide an effective barrier against contamination.

Closed Instrument Trolley - Aluminium Alloy

Of lightweight aluminum construction and featuring a patented closing system with gaskets integrated into doors that can open 270° wide. Units are available with shelves or runners for DIN or ISO systems with a full range of complementary accessories. Models with guides have runners every 114mm and are suitable for baskets.

Stainless Steel Shelving

Of modular design, with up to 1200kg load capacity, easy to assemble without the use of special tools, end sections are electro polished. Can accommodate DIN or ISO containers or basket systems. Available with adjustable solid shelves or with wire shelves or guides.

High-Density Storage Shelving System - Top Guided

High-density stainless steel shelving system with overhead guiding rails, obstruction-free floor with 40% gain in storage capacity. Modular shelving components are shown on previous pages. Every 4 meters, a fixed upright shelf is needed.

Light Alloy Aluminum Shelving

Aluminum shelving systems available with stainless steel or aluminum shelves or with polycarbonate runners for ISO or DIN basket systems.

Chrome Shelving

Cost-effective, easy to assemble modular chrome shelving available in 3 different lengths with five grid-style shelves.

Stainless Steel Fliling and Storage Cabinets

TIG-welded of AISI 304 stainless steel, available as a single or double door cupboard with 1 fixed and 4 adjustable shelves. It is optionally fitted with impact-resistant tempered glass door(s).

Pass-Through Cabinets for Baskets/Containers

TIG welded of AISI 304 stainless steel, available as a single or double door cupboard with 1 fixed and 4 adjustable shelves. Optionally fitted with impact resistant tempered glass door(s). Electronically governed door opening to prevent doors on both clean and sterile side being opened at the same time.

Pass-Through Cabinets for Transport Trolleys

Double door pass-through cabinets with glass doors, TIG welded of AISI 304 stainless steel. Standard equipped with floor barrier to avoid the transport trolley to enter into the sterile area.