TTA 23

Compact Sterilizer for Dental and Medical Clinics

TTA 23 sterilizer is designed for the fast and efficient safe sterilization of solid or hollow wrapped and unwrapped instruments and porous loads, with rapid, efficient cycles to meet the everyday needs of your dental or medical clinic. Small on the outside and big on the inside, the device is certified and built to conform to EN 13060. Thanks to the built-in conductivity meter that monitors water quality, it ensures efficiency and safety. Furthermore, the air-water separator device, designed and built into the tank unit, is a real “lifesaver” for the vacuum pump.

The integrated Process Controller assists you in using the autoclave with its convenient and straightforward interactive menu. You can program the start of cycles and tests (Vacuum, Helix, Bowie and Dick), and it also informs you when it is time for maintenance. TTA 23 is available in the version with steam production in the chamber employing an internal generator.

Key Features

Enviromental Sustainability

Low water and energy consumption. Efficiently integrated steam generator.

Easy to Use

Simple interactive menu with a clear screen, cycle information, and warning messages.

Easy Mantainance

Fully opening upper reservoir for ergonomics access, easy cleaning, and fast maintenance.

Steelco TTA 23 Class B autoclaves is certified and built to conform with EN 13060.

Not available for USA market.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
460 x 610 x 455 mm
18.11″ x 24.02″ x 17.91″

Chamber Size
250 Ø x 440 mm
9.84″ Ø x 17.32″