TW 3000 Multichamber

Multi Chamber Washer Disinfector

TW 3000 is a fully automatic multi-chamber tunnel washer disinfector system with a space-saving motorized sliding-up glass door. Designed to meet the needs of processing departments with a high quantity of medical devices, it can process up to 18 DIN 1/1 net trays per cycle. The independent chambers improve throughput by processing multiple cycles simultaneously. As a modular system, It is possible to configure the tunnel washer by combining modules to perform the pre-washing, ultrasonic washing, washing, rinsing, thermal disinfection, and HEPA filtered hot air drying functions customized to your needs. Equipped with an automatic loading/unloading conveyor system, TW 3000 is compatible with Steelco ATS (Automatic Transfer System).

Key Features

Reprocessing Flexibility

According to your needs, washing and disinfection of up to 18 DIN trays.


The system can be configured from 3 up to 5 chambers, depending on throughput requirements. It is possible to add extra modules even after installation to adapt TW 3000 to new future needs.

Smart Filtering System

Triple water filtering system – easily accessible from the washing chamber – captures residue preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life.

Inspection Windows

Every module is equipped with a dedicated fully sealed inspection window for easy maintenance and routine cleaning operations.

Ultrasonic Treatment

TW 3000 Multichamber Series can be equipped with an ultrasonic module for the automatic treatment of the loads. It is also possible to skip the passage through the module when not needed.

Drying Efficacy

HEPA 14 filtered forced hot air injection combined with the washing trolley’s rotating arms guarantees excellent drying results.

Steelco washer disinfectors are designed to comply with the European EN ISO 15883-1/2 guidelines on decontamination.

Chamber Volume
~500 lt / 17.66 cu ft

Wash Cart Volume
~350 lt / 12.36 cu ft

Load Capacity
Up to 18 DIN 1/1 trays