Compact Tabletop Autoclave

VS 1 TT is a compact tabletop steam sterilizing autoclave specially designed for small facilities, with a processing capacity of 1 STU per cycle. Thanks to its processing speed and low consumption, it is also ideal for “fast track” sterile processes in larger central sterilization supply departments. In addition, a high-quality AISI 316L chamber and a complete jacket system allow for even steam and heat distribution for proven and reliable performance.

VS 1 TT sterilizer features an automatic horizontal space-saving stainless steel sliding door and a chamber size volume of 67.5 liters / 23.84″. The device guarantees versatility, safety, and high performance with the low total life costs of a tabletop unit. The PLC digital microprocessor with a color user-friendly 7″ touch screen HMI allows operators to refine the process and personalize the sterilization programs.

Key Features

Safety, Design and Strength

High-quality AISI 316 L chamber and steam process piping are designed for long-term reliability and steam cleanliness. In addition, the acid-proof stainless steel chambers and piping are fully insulated with CFC-free thermal insulation.

Shelves Position Configurable

Even in small sterilizers, Steelco provides maximum load flexibility by repositioning the load levels of the semi-extractable shelves.

Safety First

The manual door is equipped with a mechanism that keeps the door safely locked during the sterilization process until completion. The units are fitted with a water drip collection tray as standard to prevent any potential water from dripping onto the floor.

Stand Closed Cabinet

Available with stand closed cabinet, with an ergonomic loading height of 900 mm above finished floor.

7" User-Friendly HMI

The large 7″ touchscreen control panel supports operators in every step of their interaction with the device with clear and easy-to-understand operation tasks. Cycle programs can also be selected via a barcode scanner.

Full Traceability

Full history cycle traceability, compatible with Steelco Data Pro. Ethernet Port for network communication. Integrated printer available as an option.

Steelco sterilizers conform to European Directive for Medical Devices (93/42/EEC and its revised versions); Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU). Technical norms and standards: EN 285: 2016, EN ISO 14971: 2012, UNI EN ISO 17665-1: 2007, IEC EN 61010-1: 2011, IEC EN 61010-2-040: 2016, EN 62366-1: 2015, IEC EN 61326-1: 2013.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
910 x 783 x 700 mm
35.84″ x 30.83″ x 27.56″

Overall Dimensions WxDxH – With Stand Closed Cabine
910 x 783 mm x 1465 mm
35.84″ x 30.83″ x 57.69″

Chamber Volume
~67,5 lt / 2.38 cu ft