VS L – Small & Medium Capacity

Steam Sterilizers - Chamber Volume from 110 to 920 l / 4 to 32 cu ft

The Small & Medium capacity VS L Series of steam sterilizers is a full range of devices developed to provide the perfect solution from the smallest facility to the largest laboratory department, with up to 11 standard chamber sizes with a volume from 110 to 920 litres / 4 to 32 cu ft. The machines are designed to sterilize heat-resistant and moisture-stable materials used in scientific and research laboratories, such as metal parts, liquids in sealed or vented containers, porous loads, etc.

VS L sterilizers are engineered to offer best-in-class solutions to reduce energy and water consumption to give users the lowest operating costs per load. Advanced Eco Options provide unrivaled efficiency levels, reducing water consumption to nearly zero depending on the chosen model and options.

All Steelco VS L steam sterilizers feature high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel pressure vessels. Sterilizers are available as single door or double door versions, with manual hinged or automatic sliding door(s). Industrial-grade PLC digital controllers with user-friendly color touch screen HMI for easy use and programming.

Key Features

Fully Customizable

More than 50 options available to meet the most challenging processing needs.

Air Removal

Water ejector or high efficiency water ring vacuum pump are available to respond to all user requirements.

Flexible Configuration

According to the utilities available on site, industrial grade solenoid valves or pneumatic valves can be installed.

Easy Maintenance

According to model type, piping, valves, electrical components, and wiring are easily accessible from the front door panel or side access.

7" User Friendly HMI

7″ Colour touch screen operating panel with PLC with multi-level user access system positioned on top or on side of the chamber.


Built-in printer and ethernet port for process recording and complete cycles and data traceability with SteelcoData View.

Steam sterilizers VS L series meet the following standards requirements: 2006/42/CE (Machinery Directive), 2014/30/EU (EMC Directive), 2014/68/UE (PED). Additional technical norms and standards (according to country of destination and customer requirements): IEC 61010-2-040; EN ISO 12100; EN 61326; EN 13445; EN ISO 9712; EN ISO 9606-1; EN ISO 15614-1; ASME code Sec.VIII div. 1 & div. 2; UL compliant; EN 285 (available upon request).

Chamber volume

from 110 litres / 4 cu ft
to 920 litres / 32 cu ft

Custom dimensions available upon request.


Overall dimensions

The overall dimensions may vary according to machine configuration and customer’s requirements. Refer to product catalogue for discovering the full range and overall dimensions.