Washing Trolleys

Steelco Washing Trolleys Range

To complete our series of trolley washer disinfectors, Steelco offers a comprehensive range of washing trolleys for different items such as sterile containers, OP rubber shoes, gumboots, washing bowls, large bins, and other bulky items.

Each washing trolley is identified with a dimensional class to maximize washer productivity while minimizing energy and water consumption.

Loading Trolley for Containers

Different models available, with various levels and several containers capacity (8 – 10 – 12 – 18 – 21).

Loading Trolleys for Bulky Items

Flexible systems that can accommodate containers and other bulky items. Thanks to frontal stopping elements, items are safe and secure from undesired movements.

Loading Trolley for Shoes, Clogs, Bottles

Different models available – for bowls, OP theatre shoes/clogs, bottles with injection, gumboot, etc.

Loading Trolleys with Washing Arms

For DIN 1/1 baskets. Equipped with washing arms, these trolleys can be connected to the washer for a back-up solution in case of high productivity needs.

Loading Trolleys for Mattresses

LC Series and its wide range of carts and trolleys support cleaning and disinfection for large loads and diverse bulky items from mattresses and bed frames to OR tables.

Loading Trolleys for Carboys

Different sizes available, depending on carboys dimensions. Washing injection system to thoroughly clean carboys from the inside.

Loading Trolleys for Wheelchairs and Crutches

Every healthcare and elderly care facility owns wheelchairs and crutches. Their cleaning process is usually manual, requiring a lot of time and not assuring consistent results. Automate it with the right equipment and accessories.

Loading Trolleys for Different Container Sizes

Adjustable trolleys to store containers and lids of different sizes. Sliding bars prevent items to move during washing.