Washing Trolleys

Steelco Washing Trolleys Range

To complete our series of washer-trolley disinfectors, Steelco offers a comprehensive range of washing trolleys for different items such as sterile containers, OP rubber shoes, gumboots, washing bowls, large bins, and other bulky items. Each washing trolley is identified with a dimensional class to maximize washer productivity while minimizing energy and water consumption.

Loading Trolley for Containers

Different models available, with various levels and several containers capacity (8 – 10 -12 -18 -21).

Loading Trolley for Shoes, Clogs, Bottles

Different models available—for 24 bowls, for 30-60 pairs OP theatre shoes/clogs, 40 OP theatre shoes/clogs/bottles with injection, for 40 gumboot with one level with washing arms.

Loading Trolley for Bowls and with Washing Arms

For 24 bowls, with 16 washing arms for 28 DIN 1/1 trays, with 16 washing arms 24 luer locks.