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Steam Sterilizers and Decontamination Solutions

High-performance, reliability, and versatility characterize our sterilizing autoclaves, which are suitable for any size facility thanks to their extensive range. Best-in-class technologies provide unrivaled efficiency levels to reduce energy and water consumption. In addition to saturated steam, Steelco provides a validated complete solution for the decontamination of sensitive equipment by using hydrogen peroxide H2O2 or chlorine dioxide.

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Compact Vertical Loading Sterilizer.

VS L – Small & Medium Capacity

Steam Sterilizers - Chamber Volume from 110 to 920 l / 4 to 32 cu ft.

VS L – Bulk Capacity

Steam Sterilizers - Chamber Volume from 920 to 9.070 l / 32 to 320 cu ft.

Decontamination Lock for Biomedical Research

Multiple Decontamination Method Chamber

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