CSSD Furniture and Small Equipment

Whether you’re working in a small clinic, a large centralized CSSD, or an outsourced reprocessing center, owning efficient, reliable, state-of-the-art equipment is just the first step. Complete and personalized workflow solutions are as important to fully comply with the most stringent standards and regulations and to offer the safest and most effective reprocessing of your instrument. Our wide selection of carefully designed and tailored-made equipment, furniture, accessories, and automation integration ensure you the best workflow experience through the soiled, cleaning, and sterile area, guaranteeing efficiency, versatility, and complete infection control.

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Soiled Good Area

Furnitures, Equipments and Accessories for Soiled Good Area.

Clean Area

Workstations, Stools, Trolleys for Cleaning Area.

Sterile Area

Storage and Transportation Solutions for Sterile Area.

Small Ultrasonic Cleaners

Small Ultrasonic Unit

PS Series

Rotary Pouch Sealers

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