Automated Endoscope Reprocessor

Our series of automated endoscope reprocessors best ensure reprocessing efficiency, infection control, and cost-effective operation, thanks to dedicated workflow solutions, full integration with our SteelcoData Ares traceability software, not to mention RFID hands-free process and unique OCS – One-Time Connection System technology.

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EPW 100 S

Semi-Automatic Device supporting Endoscopes Manual Cleaning

EW 1 Series

Compact Endoscope Reprocessors

EW 1 S Series

Endoscope Reprocessors with One-time Connection System - 1 Scope Capacity


Endoscope Reprocessor with Automatic OCS Coupling

EW 2

Endoscope Reprocessor - 2 Endoscopes Capacity

EW 2 S Series

Endoscope Reprocessor with OCS system - 2 or 3 Endoscopes Capacity