High Capacity

Our selection of high-productivity devices designed to meet the increasing reprocessing demands of modern CSSD provides fast, reliable, and efficient washing, thermal-disinfection, and drying results. Modular multi-chamber devices, advanced leading technologies, and integration with automation systems guarantee optimal performance and frictionless workflow.

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PWD 86 Series

A New Holistic Approach for Washer Disinfectors - Up to 18 DIN Trays.

DS 800 Series

Washer Disinfectors - up to 12 DIN Trays.

DS 1000 Series

Washer Disinfectors - up to 18 DIN Trays.

TW 3000/2 Smart Tunnel

Double Chamber Washer Disinfector.

TW 3000 Multichamber

Multi Chamber Washer Disinfector.