Small - Medium Capacity

Our range of washer-disinfectors provides flexible solutions to meet the need of small- and medium-size clinics. Compact underbench devices specially designed for situations where space is at a premium provide unmatched flexibility, excellent washing results, and drying efficacy. Pass-through freestanding models feature state-of-the-art technology for improved efficiency and reduction in energy consumption.

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DS 50 Series

Compact Tabletop Washer Disinfectors


Underbench or Free-Standing Washer Disinfector

DS 500 Series

Underbench Washer Disinfectors

DS 600

Washer Disinfector - up to 8 DIN Trays

DS 610 Series

Washer Disinfectors - up to 10 DIN trays

DS 610 G2 Series

Washer Disinfectors for Clinics and Mid-sized CSSDs - 12 DIN trays