Steam Sterilizers

Steam Sterilizers

A comprehensive selection of steam sterilizers for the perfect solution from the smallest clinic to the largest central sterilization supply department, defining a new standard in quality, ergonomics, and safety. Leading-edge technologies and top-quality design result in high productivity and cost-efficiency.

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TTA 23

Compact Sterilizer for Dental and Medical Clinics.


Compact Tabletop Autoclave.

VS Series

Steam Sterilizers - for Small Clinics.

VS G2 & VS Series

Steam Sterilizers - for Centralized Sterile Reprocessing.

VS M Series

Steam Disinfector Autoclave for Mattresses.

Multiple Loading Options

Loading and Unloading Solutions.

ATS Automatic Transfer System

Automatic Loading/Unloading and Transport System for steam sterilizers

M-ATS Self-Driving Robot Transfer System

Automated Guided Vehicle for Steam Sterilizers

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