cGMP Sterilization & Decontamination Solutions

Steelco offers complete turnkey solutions for sterilization processes in the pharmaceutical industry, with the ability to undertake all phases of a project, from concept to delivery of solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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AV Series

Pharma Grade Saturated Steam Sterilizers.

AVD Series

Pharma Grade Saturated Steam Sterilizer and Bio-Decontamination with VH2O2.

AMS Series

Pharma Grade Steam-Air Mixture Sterilizers.

ASW Series

Pharma Grade Superheated Water Sterilizers.

SD Series

Pharma Grade Depyrogenation Ovens

EG Series

Hot Air Drying Oven

SPE Series

Pharma Grade Closure Processing Equipment

DHP Series

Decontamination Air Locks with VH2O2

AGS Series

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer