Cage Reprocessing Solutions

To support the increasingly growing demand for automatic re-processing of cages used in animal research laboratories, Steelco offers a wide choice of cabinet washers, cage and rack washers and automated tunnel washers for cleaning and sanitizing almost all models of cages available on the market. In addition, tailor-made inserts, presentation racks for cages and lids, or automatic loading solutions to maximize efficiency and decrease work-related injuries are available.

Feeding Bottles Treatment Solutions

From the most advanced all-in-one automatic feeding bottle systems to semi-automatic and easy-to-use manual solutions. Steelco offers a comprehensive range of equipment to meet the most challenging processing needs: low ownership cost and a small footprint with high productivity, safety, and in-line system integration. All our feeding bottle treatments are compatible with any model of caps, and feeding bottles of the different brands available on the market. In addition, AC 7500 and AC 8500 cage and rack washer can be equipped with dedicated presentation racks for bottles and caps with or without an injection system and spray arms to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Aquatic Tanks Reprocessing

In aquatic animal facilities, the use of an automated cleaning system for the removal of algae and biofilm from tanks, lids, and breeding tanks is essential and requires a perfect mix of pressure, coverage, and specific chemical detergent. Therefore, all our cabinet and rack washers can be equipped with a specific kit for the reprocessing of aquatic tanks used in research facilities. The aquatic package includes: three chemical dosage pumps needed to feed the unit with the unique combination of chemicals for the washing solution and the neutralization solution before the final rinse phase; flow meters to monitor the number of chemicals used for the different stages of the cycle and a conductivity probe to measure the conductivity of the rinse water to avoid residual left on the tank after the final rinse.