Single Practice

Carefully tailored to your patient and his dental chair, Steelco solutions take care of all the needs of your small medical practice with comprehensive yet simple, eco-friendly, and noise-free sterilization layouts. Conceived to fit into your facility perfectly, they allow for an optimal workflow from the cleaning and the thermal disinfection to a fast and efficient safe sterilization of all types of dental instruments. To enable the fast turnaround of instruments in a busy small practice, Steelco offers a range of compact under-counter and benchtop washers and sterilizers with a small footprint and low running costs that blend into your facilities design.



Hospital Clinics

Large busy dental departments in hospitals are catered for with Steelco standalone or built-in single or passthrough door models specifically configured for the fast and efficient washing, disinfection, and sterilization of dental instruments. State-of-the-art management & traceability system provides traceability and safety. In addition, a wide range of trolleys, inserts, and accessories meet the flexible treatment requirements of the wide variety of dental instruments.