Soiled Area

For the safe handling of soiled items, Steelco' offers an array of solutions to assist manual precleaning right up to in-line automated systems. State-of-the-art technology such as Power Pulse Cleaning can eliminate the need or reduce the time needed for manual precleaning of complex instruments. Automated loading of washer-disinfectors increases throughput and contributes to a safer working environment to protect your staff's health while reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

Clean Area

Following high-level disinfection, goods are not yet sterile but safe to handle and ready to be sorted, inspected, and packed. Steelco provides automatic conveyors and customized layouts for working around columns. Packing tables designed to meet individual work tasks assist in the proper packing of sets in little time with advanced instrument traceability systems ensuring that the right instruments have been selected for the procedure set with a digital record of each step of an instrument’s reprocessing journey.

Sterile Area

A wide range of manual or powered trolleys and robotic AGVs interfacing as needed with automated conveyors ensure the smooth transport of baskets and containers, with the safe handling of heavy and hot sterilized loads. The wide selection of automated solutions offers the ideal answer to your storage or transfer needs, maximizing the use of available space and productivity.

Leading Edge Technologies

Unlocking the potential of your CSSD with our cutting-edge technologies reduces costs and the time to reprocess medical devices while providing your staff with an enhanced working environment. Fast-track your soiled area workflow by replacing manual cleaning pre-treatment of complex hollow surgical instruments with Steelco’s exclusive Power Pulse Cleaning technology, ensuring safety, consistency, and cost-efficiency. Introducing robotics, AI, and automation benefits the clean area by streamlining instrument sorting and packing of the goods to be sterilized. Technologies such as the SUIS packing table help operators reconstitute procedure kits, while the R-APPIT robot perfectly wraps procedure sets every time, achieving a 20% reduction in waste. TS automation provides a shuttle for loading and unloading washers with M-ATS AGVs transporting goods between all workstations, equipment, and storage areas.