The soiled area in a CSSD plays a vital role in the safe and efficient management of contaminated items, protecting healthcare professionals, patients, and the broader community from potential infections and maintaining the integrity of reusable medical equipment.
It must adhere to strict cleaning and disinfection protocols to prevent the spread of infections. Regular monitoring and quality control measures are implemented to verify the effectiveness of cleaning processes and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.


Automated solutions help save time, reduce injuries, and optimize labor usage in the CSSD. The instrument reprocessing workflow is smoother and requires less manual handling thanks to automations like ATS and M-ATS. In addition, these devices reduce the movement of bulky items by the staff, thus increasing their physical wellbeing and making them available for other tasks.


Proper identification and labeling of items in the soiled area are crucial to maintain traceability throughout the reprocessing process. It helps ensure that items are appropriately handled and processed, and that any necessary repairs or replacements are identified.

Steelco has developed SteelcoData Suite, a comprehensive software suite designed to guarantee precision and consistency throughout the entire instrument workflow. This web-based, cloud-ready, and modular solution effectively monitors the performance, cycles, and consumption of devices. It ensures seamless tracking of sets and instruments at every stage of reprocessing, transportation, and storage. Moreover, SteelcoData Suite assists in optimizing workflow processes to accommodate periods of heightened demand without compromising safety or efficiency.

Proper pre-cleaning

Achieving proper pre-washing of instruments is contingent upon utilizing appropriate chemicals and ensuring regular device maintenance.

To facilitate effective pre-cleaning, Steelco provides a diverse selection of chemicals tailored to suit the specific composition and usage of different instruments. This comprehensive range includes options for both manual and automated pre-cleaning processes.

Furniture for the Soiled Area

The soiled area is designed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and maintain strict infection control protocols.

It typically consists of dedicated workstations, sinks, and specialized equipment to facilitate the proper handling and segregation of soiled items. Steelco provides a well-thought-through assortment of furniture and equipment that encompasses various essential elements. This comprehensive range includes manual cleaning workstations, wall and floor cabinets, as well as small automatic equipment and accessories.