Key Features

One Day Ready

Steelco Mobile CSSD can be set up within a single working day. Moreover, there will be no exposure of CSSD staff to the strains and stress of a building site. The overall effort on the part of the hospital is reduced by far compared to any other option both in terms of workload and economy.

Turnkey Solution

It is equipped with all the premises and the technical equipment with the client only responsible for providing supplies and utilities (water, electricity, waste water connections), consumables (process chemicals, packaging material) and staff.


The cost is considerably lower even if depending on the rental period and the cost of road haulage, installation, commissioning and validation, when compared to the market rates per STU (sterilisation unit) charged by third-party reprocessing companies. Steelco Mobile CSSD solution pays its way in the shortest of times.

Tailored for your Productivity Needs

Steelco Mobile CSSD 70

Single mobile unit capables of processing up to 70.000 STU per year to the highest standards of results.

Steelco Mobile CSSD 140

Two mobile units combined will provide double production capacity i.e. 140.000 STU per year.