Solutions for any Reprocessing Need

To easy reprocessing operations, Steelco offers the possibility to use baskets and modules specifically dedicated to the reprocessing of the entire operating set, thus reducing complexity and time on transferring the load from and to different washers and wash carts.

High Level of Filtration for Wash Rack Modules

Steelco provides its modules with an easy to remove and maintain tubular filter for the reprocessing of hollow instruments, according to the type of module. This filter in ply stainless steel mesh separates particles ≥ 0.07 mm. A cleaning brush to clean the filter is available upon request.

Sterilization Solutions for any Purpose

Steelco has developed a full range of steam sterilizers satisfying the needs of every facility, from the smallest one to the largest CSSD.

Steelco sterilizers offer versatility, safety, and high performance whilst keeping cost of ownership low. Instrument traceability is simplified thanks to SUIS technology, an AI-based revolutionary vision system assisting operators during packaging procedures by recognizing all surgical instruments. Traceability costs are further reduced thanks to the connection between SUIS/devices and SteelcoData software suite.