Dedicated Options for your Orthopaedic Ward

Steelco offers thermal disinfection potential on its most advanced washer-disinfectors for the treatment of orthopedic medical devices. Besides assuring the cleaning of the extensive surgical instrumentation typically used in the orthopedic field, the wash cart can be equipped with a dedicated module for the reprocessing of tube-shaft instruments from the field of orthopedic surgery (e.g. rinsing tubes, working shafts, guide sleeves, and bone marrow drills). Thanks to ergonomic and flexible injection holders, the module allows their optimal treatment by direct mechanical cleaning action.


Intelligent Cycle Selection

Dedicated modules for instruments of different surgical specialties can be easily inserted into a base wash rack.

Through RFID or magnetic scanning, Steelco washers are able to select the optimal cleaning and disinfection cycle from their stored-program database. Steelco devices that are equipped with recognition mechanisms automatically choose the best program to ensure maximum cleaning and disinfection efficacy whilst reducing cycle time, water usage, and energy consumption.

Sterilization Solutions for any Purpose

Steelco has developed a full range of steam sterilizers satisfying the needs of every facility, from the smallest one to the largest CSSD.

Steelco sterilizers are versatile, safe, highly performant, and cost-effective. Traceability can be integrated thanks to the use of our web-based and cloud-ready SteelcoData software suite. Tracking CSSD and endoscopy departments’ activities, monitoring devices’ performance, cycles, and consumptions; or track the localization and status of your sets and instruments through each stage of reprocessing, transportation, and storage is easy and fast with the use of RFID or barcodes. Instrument traceability can be also simplified by using the SUIS technology, an AI-based revolutionary vision system able to recognize all surgical instruments, hence assisting the operator during packaging procedures.