Dedicated Accessories

A two-level wash cart, specially engineered for robotic surgery instruments, provided with a washing arm and eight different positions. A specific wash cart developed for surgical robotics instruments with dedicated connection kits is available. The presence of filters on the wash rack connections ensures better cleaning performances on the inner parts of robotic instruments. At same time is also possible to reprocess trocar and endoscope for robotic surgery to get entire set ready for next step in CSSD.

Robotics Reprocessing

Our solutions are designed for the optimal treatment of different brands’ robotic surgery instruments, keeping patient safety and product integrity in mind. Steelco developed a dedicated connection kit for the validated reprocessing – washing and thermal disinfection – of “da Vinci®” robotic surgery instruments. Connection kits allow the standard loading basket set up with housings for the robotic surgical instruments.

Sterilization Solutions for any Purpose

Steelco has developed a full range of steam and low-temp sterilizers to satisfy the needs of every facility, from the smallest one to the largest CSSD. As Robotic-Assisted Surgery (RAS) is fundamental in any surgical department of hospitals around the world – both big and small, reprocessing solutions are to be designed to meet any throughput need. Steelco sterilizers offer versatility, safety, and high performance whilst keeping cost of ownership low. Traceability is also cost-effective thanks to our SteelcoData software suite.

Specific instruments such as “da Vinci®” Si/X/Xi endoscopes require low temperature sterilization procedures, performed through our PL Series’ FLEX cycle. These devices have been validated for compatibility and sterilization efficacy.