Small & Medium-Size Scientific Laboratories

Dedicated layouts for situations where space is at a premium: flexible and customizable solutions with a wide range of compact washers and dryers sharing the washing and drying technology of higher-throughput devices, providing excellent washing results and drying efficacy. A large selection of vertical or frontal loading laboratory steam sterilizers is available to match any workflow need.

Large Laboratories

Multiple chamber configurations, state-of-the-art technologies, and machine integrations ensure solutions with excellent performance, workflow optimization, and high throughput. Our selection of high-capacity laboratory glassware washers and dryers provides fast, reliable, and efficient washing and drying results. The Small & Medium capacity VS L Series of steam sterilizers is a full range of devices developed to provide the perfect solution from the smallest facility to the largest laboratory department, with up to 11 standard chamber sizes ranging from 110 to 920 liters / 4 to 32 cu ft. Best-in-class technologies provide unrivaled efficiency levels to reduce energy and water consumption.

Biocontainment Solutions for BSL Laboratories

In BSL laboratory applications steam sterilizers play a key role as part of the building containment system. Double door sterilizers act as a pass-through between hot and cold zones (or sterile and non-sterile zones) and must be sealed to the wall to form a cross-contamination barrier. Steelco offers different biocontainment barrier solutions:

  • Air Differential Seal
  • Bioseal

Further contamination and safety systems include Air & Steam Inflatable Door Gasket, Effluent decontamination feature, Additional filter for effluent decontamination, and Incineration systems.