Steelco LC 20

Compact cart washer with either chemical or thermal disinfection?

The LC 20 has the smallest footprint of any cart washer on the market, with dimensions reduced by up to 50% compared to competitors.

It provides flexibility in restricted spaces where no other cart washer would fit, optimizing workflows with thermal disinfection of carts, containers, and other bulky objects, processing up to 32 sterile containers an hour, the equivalent to the capacity of 4 large instrument washer-disinfectors.

Furthermore, the LC20 can be configured to provide fully validated cycles to reprocess non-lumen surgical instruments providing a backup and a perfect solution for handling unforeseen events and peaks in productivity.

Alternatively to thermal disinfection, the LC 20 can be configured for the chemical disinfection of items that cannot withstand high temperatures, providing fast cycles with low chemical and water consumption.

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