Steelco Never Stop

The ability of people to respond quickly and constructively to challenges is part of our company DNA. Knowing how to recognize, embrace and control is the only way to overcome the challenges of everyday, however difficult they may be.

In the last few weeks we briefed you, through our social channels, a story with several chapters: the story of how Steelco has been able to face and overcome the recent period by guaranteeing continuity and quality to all our customers and partners.

To relive every moment with us, watch all the videos in the series.

Paolo Stocco, our HSE and Covid Manager, tells us about the preventive measures adopted in Steelco in the fight against Coronavirus, with a look into the future!

Giorgio Dorigo, Chief Operating Officer, explains the key concepts in managing change during the Covid-19 emergency.

Alberto Minoia, Alberto Minoia, Service Manager Italy, tells us about how Steelco Service never failed to provide support to hospitals and clinics in need.

Marco Boccardo, Academy Technical Training Manager, introduces new remote training methods.

And now…let’s move on, Steelco never stops!

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