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Our end-of-year report of Covid emergency management


Data, procedures, and investments: Steelco excellence at the service of security.

Unprecedented speed, flexibility, and planning, with the will to face, manage and anticipate even the unexpected, has proven to be fundamental. During these last months, Steelco has been able to optimize measures already adopted during the first lockdown, introducing and creating new structures and procedures to manage better a phase that is in many ways more complex and dynamic than the first one.

Total tracking: how to best manage a new scenario

Significant investments have been made in employee screening. Besides checking the daily temperature of all employees and visitors, safety measures have been implemented with masks and social distancing, with over 530 employees undertaking serological tests every two weeks with the tracing of possible contacts. These essential initiatives have allowed us to keep the situation under control and significantly reduce the time needed to identify positive cases, thus anticipating and containing the risk of transmission. The creation of a dedicated Task Force has enabled us to cross-reference information obtained for the comprehensive management of positive cases, quarantines and contact tracing also in non-work environments. The company has furthermore put in place precautionary measures and an insurance system (active since May) that covers employees in the event of hospitalization or complications related to Covid.

Internal dialogue: the Covid Management Committee

Another fundamental step: the creation of a Crisis Management Team and a Covid Management Committee composed of all parts of the company (ownership, management, workers’ representatives) to involve, raise awareness, and have a 360° view of the situation: the results obtained, the problems, and desirable solutions. This has made it possible to improve and expand the physical measures already taken (turnstiles at the entrance, external chemical toilets, use of plexiglass partitions, smart working if possible), with particular attention to the distancing and redistribution of workspaces. Great attention has been paid to internal spaces and paths in order to minimize unnecessary interactions and to be able to reconstruct contact dynamics in case of positivity easily. The company was equipped with 14 ozone generators operated every night to sanitize the spaces, which were then ventilated in the early morning hours before opening to staff.

An important result, achieved with everyone’s commitment

As in everyday work, as well as in Covid emergency management. Steelco has deployed all its ability to respond efficiently and incisively, so much so that it has been recognized as an organizational model. We are proud of what we have done so far and continue to do every day. An effort that has seen the company work cohesively, laying out all its excellence and experience, to ensure the safety of all our staff, customers and those who work with us every day.

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