Steelco PL 40

The range of Steelco low-temperature sterilizers has grown with the addition of a new compact model. The brand new PL 40 has the features and benefits of the larger capacity PL 70 and PL 130 models in a compact footprint. It is designed for small clinics looking for an efficient system for reprocessing a wide variety of sensitive devices that cannot withstand steam sterilization.

The plug-and-play 52-liter capacity PL40 can be placed on a tabletop or optional stand. Unrivalled features of the PL 40 include:

  • Sterilization of a large range and load of steam-sensitive instruments
  • Four specially developed and tested programs that are effective yet gentle on goods
  • RFID recognition with two cycles per cartridge ensures the safety and low cost per cycle
  • Both a catalytic converter and plasma generator maximize safety with H2O2 emissions up to 70 times lower than the most restrictive German guidelines
  • Manual hinged door and 7-inch HMI touch screen
  • Mobile, with an optional trolley and a built-in storage compartment
  • Small footprint and minimized electrical requirements (220-240 VA single-phase)
  • Range of consumables for independently monitoring process efficacy.

Discover the PL 40’s Vaporized H2O2 sterilizer technical features and how it could benefit your workflow.

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