SteelcoData Suite

Ensure verification of all reprocessing procedures and full traceability of instruments? #ChallengeAccepted!

With SteelcoData Suite, Steelco has developed a unique solution to track in real-time instruments used in surgical procedures through every step of their reprocessing, monitoring equipment, and cycles.

The 3 elements of the suite comprising:

  • SteelcoData Live which displays instantly the performance of Steelco washer-disinfectors, sterilizers, and other equipment providing current and historical information on cycles performed, alarms, consumption, and other useful statistics.
  • SteelcoData Pro which tracks the location and status of sets and individual instruments during each stage of reprocessing, transportation, and storage, from their use in the operating room until they are available to be used again.
  • SteelcoData ARES which enables the tracking of endoscopes from use on a patient through each stage of reprocessing At Steelco, we create today the solutions of tomorrow, making innovation a real tangible benefit helping to keep your patients, staff, and instruments safe whilst maximizing productivity.

Discover the full potential of the SteelcoData Suite and how it could help you.

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