Save time whilst minimizing workflow interruption and errors with Steelco automated systems range. From loading and unloading to recognizing instruments and packing them.
Flexible Loading System
Wash cart levels can be customized through the Flexible Loading System. Prepare instruments in single modules to easy trolley loading and unloading procedures, thus improving security and ergonomics.
Power Pulse Cleaning
Reduce or skip manual pre-cleaning of complex narrow hollow lumen surgical instruments with Steelco’s exclusive technology. Increase safety, consistency, and cost-efficiency.
The Fast Cycle Concept
Combine high standard cleaning and drying results with work efficiency and very short cycle time while using your washer disinfectors.
Advance Eco Options – ECO 1 & 2
Water and energy conservation are increasingly important in these days. Even though Steelco sterilizers are already efficient, this ECO technology further reduces energy and water consumption.
NCG Sensor
The first sensor that is able to measure the real-time amount of non-condensing gases (NCGs) in every steam sterilization process. It reduces the need for separate daily test cycles.
4D Sensor
Forget morning cycles with process control tests thanks to Steelco 4D Sensor. It measures steam saturation by proving, surveying, and registering steam presence and steam penetration in real-time.
OCS One-time Connection System
Speed up your endoscope reprocessing by connecting endoscopes channels with one single gesture. OCS technology is a one-time connection system shared between prewashing, washing/disinfection, and drying/storage Steelco devices.
Automate the sterile packaging and labeling of surgical sets and eliminate the risk of contamination with the R-APPIT packaging robot. Higher speed of execution, consistency, logistics, and packaging integrity.