ATS shuttle

After loading the wash carts onto the automatic loading conveyor, the ATS shuttle automatically picks up the next wash cart and delivers it to a free washer-disinfector or sterilizer, depending on the area in which it is located. Ensure the secure transportation of contaminated instruments throughout the stages of cleaning, disinfection, inspection, packaging, and sterilization by adding an ATS shuttle in every area of the CSSD.

Thanks to our ATS automated loading and unloading system with rotating function, we are able to place our washer disinfectors / sterilizers close to walls and barriers.
In this way the total depth of the line up is significantly reduced compared to a manual/standard loading/unloading through the use of a transport trolley.

Layout optimization solutions

Different loads may require different and dedicated automation solutions.

Steelco’s engineering team offers the right support in the development phase to design the perfect accessories based on intended use. In fact, we offer customized automatic loading/unloading solutions to achieve unmatched flexibility and ergonomics.

From conveyors to lifting platforms, automated systems help you maximize efficiency. Steelco range also includes transfer trolleys for the full or partial load, fixed height or height-adjustable even capable of automatically feeding the washers.

SUIS vision system

SUIS is an innovative, faster, automated, packing add-on module powered by AI that visually recognises instruments, drives the sequence of composition, and highlights wrong ones for every set. This makes the packing process safer and quicker.

It can be paired with SteelcoData Pro, our traceability software.


SteelcoChem is a centralized chemical dispensing system specially designed to supply chemicals to different washers in a CSSD department automatically. It provides a precise method for controlling and measuring the amount of detergent used for each machine and can be integrated with remote monitoring and other safety devices.

SteelcoChem means significant time and cost savings and improves operator safety – with less risk of injury, less exposure to chemicals, and reduces environmental impact – with minimal packaging and detergent waste.

R-APPIT packaging robot

The R-APPIT packaging robot is an automated packing robot to wrap instrument trays according to the correct packing method. It also provides a piece of logistics, tapes the wrapped instrument trays, and provides them with the correct label.

Thanks to automation, R-APPIT eliminates the need for manual intervention and the risk of human error or contamination, whilst maintaining packaging integrity.