Full Steam Control

Steelco already provides the revolutionary 4DIR Sensor, which measures the steam penetration within every load of a steam sterilization process. Besides adequate steam penetration, it is also of great importance that the quality of the steam and conditions in the chamber are measured in every sterilization process. The NCG sensor measures in real-time the exact value of non-condensable gases in the chamber during every sterilization process, providing operators with the most reliable and efficient steam sterilization processes possible.

An Innovation Breakthrough

With the measured percentage of NCGs and chamber temperature the sterilization conditions, as specified in EN285:2015, can be verified. With this evidence, the sterilized load can be released for use; parametric release based upon directly measured sterilization parameters. The NCG sensor is mounted directly on the chamber and is maintenance-free. It further reduces the need for separate test cycles, resulting in increased sustainability, less consumption, reduced waste, and the need for staff to perform separate tests.


Patient Safety

Every sterilization process is monitored for the amount of NCGs, guaranteeing maximum safety for the patients.

Staff Safety

The measurements are automatic without the need for risky manual handling of hot measuring devices, which should be placed and removed from the chamber.


All relevant parameters are monitored during every sterilization process, hence there is no need for separate test cycles.


Reduced use of resources such as daily tests (Bowie and Dick tests) and chemical biological indicators, such time needed for staff to run test cycles and process the results.

Practical Guide

Steelco is the exclusive distributor of NCG Sensor by SolidToo.

A practical guide is available, it includes:

  • Questions and Answers. To quickly get into the topic of how the NCG sensor technology can improve sterilization process safety.
  • Scientific literature and additional comments.
  • Deep dives on related topics.
Download our NCG Sensor Guide