Efficiency, Safety, and Infection Control

The OCS One-time Connection System is yet another step forward to ensure that endoscope reprocessing is fast, error-proof, and, most importantly, with a minimum risk of cross-contamination. In developing a new device for our ARES solutions, we follow an all-inclusive approach focusing on efficiency, safety, and infection control. With this in mind, we introduce OCS technology, a one-time connection system shared between prewashing, washing/disinfection, and drying/storage devices. This device allows connecting endoscopes channels with one gesture, minimizing operators’ manipulation of endoscopes in all the phases of the process, significantly decreasing the risk of cross-contamination and the possibility of human errors. This fast, ergonomic, and user-friendly technology allows one-time endoscope handling and channel connection, simultaneously ensuring three times speedier connectivity.

Optimizing Endoscopes Reprocessing

During a working day, an endoscope is handled several times for different procedures. After each use, it has to be reprocessed following these critical steps: bedside treatment, manual cleaning, automated cleaning & disinfection, storage, and drying before being ready to return to the next patient.

During manual cleaning, automated cleaning & disinfection, and drying endoscopes channels have to be connected – by dedicated connection sets – and disconnected to pass to the next step.

Our OCS One-Time Connection System has been studied as a unique endoscope connector following the device during all the reprocessing steps. This allows you to connect just once starting with manual cleaning and disconnecting after storage.