Key Features

Consistency in Reprocessing

While manual washing depends on the operators’ professional knowledge and other parameters, the Power Pulse Cleaning (PPC) technology is fully automatic: process quality is consistent among different cleaning cycles.
Power Pulse Cleaning also improves operators’ safety by reducing physical contact with soiled objects.

Chemicals & Water Saving

Chemicals used in the manual washing phase are not needed as this phase can be avoided thanks to the PPC technology. This makes it possible to reduce water consumption, too.
Moreover, all the devices equipped with PPC automatically dose chemicals used in the washing phase, thus saving unnecessary chemicals’ waste.

Time & Energy Saving

Thanks to its air pressure bursts generating a more powerful water flow, instruments on the first layer of the rack are hit with a blast that cleans them properly even if no previous manual wash occurred.
This helps save time both in the manual washing phase, as it is not needed, and in the automatic washing phase, as all surgical instruments are cleaned simultaneously, which helps save energy, too.

Leading-Edge Technology

Modern surgical techniques increasingly require complex instruments. Whilst many of these can be disassembled prior to reprocessing, they not only contain lumens but also joins and other components which research has shown are hard to clean. As a leading innovator, Steelco has developed the newly patented “Power Pulse Cleaning” technology to improve the cleaning of MIS instruments that are challenging to reprocess, thereby reducing risk and any required manual pre-cleaning.

How does it work?

Traditionally, increasing water pressure has been used to increase the water flow rate through hollow lumen instruments. However, due to the physical properties of lumens, the speed of water flow is mostly increased in the middle of the lumen, whilst the soil to be removed is located on lumen walls.

Extensive research was undertaken to find the best way to overcome this challenge, with the result being the development of the exclusively available Power Pulse Cleaning technology from Steelco. This involves the pulsing of medical grade air pressure bursts during channel flushing for generating a strong front wave and water turbulence along lumen walls improving mechanical cleaning action of lumens, joins and junctions.

Dedicated Loading Option

Our offer of washer-disinfectors completes with a range of essential racks which allow specific configurations for microsurgery sets, including a dedicated module for Power Pulse Cleaning technology. A mesh tray with 11 connections featuring an automatic docking to pulse circuit. The module is compatible with loading and unloading automations (i.e., transport conveyors).