The Wrapping Robot

The R-APPIT packaging robot for automatizing the sterile packaging process in sterilization plants eliminates the need for manual intervention and the risk of human error or contamination while maintaining packing integrity. The automatic packaging and labeling of surgical sets offer considerable advantages over manual procedures in terms of speed of execution, consistency, logistics, minimizing the risk of human error or contamination whilst maintaining packaging integrity.


Fully Automated Technology


The packaging robot is not only wrapping the instrument trays according to the correct packing method but also provides a piece of logistics, tapes the wrapped instrument trays, and provides them with the correct label. The fully automated technology is suitable for small basic trays to larger instrument sets. In addition, the full integration with our software suite for management and traceability allows for direct and easy tracking and recording of instruments data.

Main Benefits

Higher Automation

A vision system with artificial intelligence (AI) automatically determines the dimensions of the instrument tray and selects the optimal packing method and the required amount of wrapping material based on it.

Higher Safety

Robotics-enabled packaging prevents human material from entering instrument trays and ensures sterility all the way to the OR. Moreover, R-APPIT automates physically demanding and repetitive manual work. This reduces the risk of injuries for CSSD employees.

Higher Efficiency

Wrapping material consumption can be reduced by up to 28% if compared to manual packaging procedures. R-APPIT uses AI to determine the correct packaging method and pack size for each tray, assisting hospitals and CSSDs in their sustainability goals.

Higher Productivity

The R-APPIT fully independently packs up to 525,000 instrument trays per year, helping to solve labour shortage issues. It takes over up to 90% of the packing work.