A Smart Alternative

FAT is an activity that our client usually has to perform at the Steelco production site. During a factory visit, customers verify that the equipment is manufactured according to URS (User Requirements Specifications) and meets the relevant Good Manufacturing and Engineering Practices. It is also usually a contractual milestone. Thanks to advanced information technologies, all the procedures, testing, and production of related documentation can be executed remotely.

How is it performed?

Remote FAT is based on a cloud service, a combination of web apps by using smartphones, tablets, or webcams. FAT is performed using video, real-time voice communication, and file and screen sharing. A dedicated team of Steelco engineers is available to support customers step by step during the execution of the FAT protocol. Several webcams and smartphones are in use, so the focus can be shifted to different components, using zoom-in or out functions or by switching camera views. Data are easily monitored and saved, and a live chat function is always available.

Pharma Solutions

Steelco Group offers complete ‘turnkey” solutions for washing and sterilization processes in the pharmaceutical sector. With a comprehensive range of washers and sterilizers for the pharmaceutical industry, Steelco has set a new standard for automated cleaning process equipment.

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