New Nozzle's Design

Support for nozzles helping you to maximize the load height, increasing your available space inside the chamber.
The new rest surrounds the injectors in the module or basket, preventing lateral movement without wasting valuable height. The new support frame provides additional hold. As and when required, it is placed on top of the load carrier, providing a secure hold to even large items of laboratory glassware in a vertical and protected position.

Simple Glassware Loading

Glassware positioning is easy, quick, and self centering.

Flexibility and intuitiveness are reached thanks to new injection nozzles, new plastic supports, new injection modules, and a new support grid. The SimpleLoad system increases load capacity, thus reducing washing time, efforts, and costs and increasing sustainability.

Automatic Centering

Glassware positioning is easy, quick and self-centering.
Thanks to automatic centering mechanisms, glassware loading is increasingly intuitive and fast, without compromising on safety and integrity.

The Best Washing Performance

During the wash cycle, supports ensure the best cleanliness and avoid alterations to the glassware, such as scratches.
Even if a nozzle tip rests against the base of a glass, the new injectors still guarantee thorough internal cleaning.