More Flexibility for Higher Productivity

SmartLoad Plus system allows the use of up to three baskets on telescopic runners which can be flexibly positioned and connected to the water circuit at four different levels. This allows various combinations to accomodate a variety of different load heights.

All baskets can be used on any level. Differences between baskets which run on the door and ones on telescopic runners now no longer apply. Telescopic racks on all levels guarantee greater loading flexibility. Vertical clearances depend on which baskets are used, their position, and load height.

Wide Range of Modules

Whether you need to wash small or large capacity glassware, the wide range of modules allows excellent flexibility, with the possibility to personalize your loading in the best way. Indeed, the modules are configured to maximize your load. For this reason, modules ranging from 8 to 32 injector nozzles are available.

Reliability & Serviceability

SmartLoad Plus is synonymous of simplicity. The innovative automatic centering system simplifies loading operations for the operator. Compared to the previous method of manual loading, this system speeds up operations thus increasing productivity, too.

SmartLoad also stands for reliability, both in the sense of safety and performance. Modules are equipped with a protection grid that prevents the glassware from being compromised. The nozzles, on the other hand, guarantee excellent washing results – thanks to their configuration – as they are able to reach every point of the glassware, regardless of its shape and size.

Almost all modules can be fitted in your baskets.