Miele, a Partner of Excellence

Founded in 1899, the German company Miele is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household appliances and consumer and professional washing systems. Still led by members of the founding families, Miele has been able to combine its history with a strong vocation for product innovation, functionality, and sustainability, on a path that has led it to employ over 23,000 employees worldwide.

Development and Quality: the Future of the Partnership

Steelco and Miele share a deep affinity for values, vision, and planning. As a result, Steelco and Miele have shared an ambitious development plan for the future that will lead to the opening of new production facilities in Italy and the expansion of existing ones while also raising quality and sustainability.


Company management is increasingly oriented towards sustainability and employee development to develop an increasingly broad product and solutions portfolio, complemented by class-leading pre-and after-sales services.