Dry Heat Sterilizers

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SD Series
Hot Air Drying/Sterilization/
Depyrogenation Oven

Used for the sterilization and depyrogenation of heat resistant materials such as: bottles, vials, glass containers, metal trays and production equipments such as stainless steel vessel etc.

Laboratory glassware and instruments, materials sensitive to humidity, thermostable basic pharmaceutical products and chemical compounds, non aqueous liquid materials such us oils, glycerines, etc.

EG Series
Hot Air Drying Oven

This range of machines is used for drying by hot air of materials such as granulates, pellets, powders and porous load in pharmaceutical industry processes

Provision of tray handling trolleys, customized to suit end user requirements.

A wide range to meet the most challenging pharmaceutical requirements.
Complete layout versatility.
System designed to minimize cross contamination risk.
Perfect compatibility with isolation technology.
  Uniform air distribution through differentially perforated walls, particularly suitable for varied loads. Uniform automatic chamber pressure and temperature control. This Hermetically sealed doors with a special profile silicone gasket with double sealing strip. Ramps detail  

A world leading company in infection control and contamination prevention

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