AGS Series

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

The AGS Series of sterilizers using Ethylene Oxide (EtO) represents the best relationship between engineering and quality price, operating running costs, and, most important, the safety of the system and operators. AGS Series has been designed for low-temperature sterilization of heat-sensitive products according to the EN 1422 Standards for the medical processing industry, such as plastic syringes, perfusion sets, dialysis cartridges, heat-sensitive rubber products, and specific surgical instruments.

This range of Ethylene Oxide sterilizers are available in two versions:

  • AGS series | Pressure sterilization program – up to 10% of Ethylene Oxide, with the remaining 90% made of inert gas (normally Nitrogen)
  • AGS-E series | Vacuum sterilization program – up to 90% of Ethylene Oxide, with the residual 10% made of inert gas (normally Nitrogen)

Following customer requests, dedicated chambers for separate processes can be supplied: Pre-conditioning, Sterilization, and Degassing chambers.

Key Features

Flexible Solutions

From 1 to 32 pallets chamber size. Steelco Group is always available to customize machine dimensions upon customer-specific needs and requirements.

Safe Door Closure

Safe hermetic closure guaranteed by a pressure-sealing device with automatic tie-rods. Pneumatically pressurized gasket with a 4 year of warranty.

Environment and Safety

Effective and safe reduction of Ethylene Oxide at the completion of sterilization process by thermal combustion.

Load Handling

Fully automated transfer systems with fixed rails within the chamber for loading and unloading pallets are available to optimize workflow and maximize productivity.

Remote Assistance

The onboard VPN router communicates with the PLC and the HMI on the local network. It allows remote connection from a computer, tablet, or smartphone without going on-site, drastically reducing support costs and improving machine uptime.

Non-Proprietary Parts

Only proven, non-proprietary, globally available components and automation systems. Steelco provides full details of every component allowing customers to source spare parts either from Steelco or from the original equipment manufacturer.

Product Video

Steelco pharma grade machines comply with the applicable requirements of the following regulations and industry accepted guidelines:

  • cGMP
  • GAMP 5
  • FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11, 211, 820
  • Eudralex
  • PDA Technical Report
  • European and US Pharmacopeia
  • ISPE Guidelines
  • UL and CSA (on demand)

Chamber volume
from 1 to 32 pallets

Custom dimensions available up on request