ATS Automatic Transfer System

Automatic Loading and Transport System.

ATS – Automatic Transfer System is an automation system specially designed for the processing departments where time and space are at a premium. By automating loading, unloading, and transport procedures, ATS optimizes the workflow and greatly reduces the risks associated with manual loading and unloading.

A shuttle loader automatically moves each wash cart into place, loads each unit, and selects the correct program for processing the goods. Once the items have gone through the washing cycle, another ATS unloads the treated wash cart along the clean side and transfers them to a storage station ready for inspection and packaging.

Its high flexibility and modularity make it a perfect solution for an optimal workflow no matter the size of the facility – delivering maximum productivity and efficiency with the smallest footprint.

Key Features

Leading-Edge Technology

Driven by constant innovation and close collaboration with leading clients, engineers, and treatment centers, our automation systems are carefully designed to satisfy industry-unique demands in terms of enhanced productivity, improved operator safety, and stringent regulations.


Process automation guarantees workflow optimization and the reduction of the risk of injuries related to manual loading and unloading.

Workflows Optimization

Highly ergonomic and user-friendly equipment for optimizing the operating efficiency of washer-disinfecting with equal workload and distribution to facilitate production planning.


Automatic selection of the correct dedicated cycle through the barcode system, for safer, hands-free running.

Easy Cleaning

Easy cleaning and handy access to the area below the ATS system, providing easy maintenance.


The shuttle stops automatically whenever there is any contact with anyone or anything on its way, thanks to a Built-In Safety Stop.