Bedding Dispenser

The Modernisation of the Cage Fill Process

The Bedding Dispenser is one of the most accurate and efficient dispensers on the market, featuring unparalleled accuracy, a variety of easily adjustable programs, and the ability to fill a variety of rodent cage sizes. Offering unparalleled dispensing accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 4%, it is cost-efficient, improves consistency in research studies, and eliminates waste. This system is compatible with all free-flowing rodent bedding, as well as all commonly used wood and paper-based bedding (including corn cob).

The Bedding Dispenser utilizes a dual mechanical vacuum system that removes fine particles from bedding before being dispensed, while the integrated Active Airflow Technology protects the users from exposure to dust and particulate. A reduced fine particle count in the dispensed bedding assists in prolonging the life of individually ventilated cage (IVC) lid filters, air handling unit filters, and room filtration.

Key Features

Active Airflow Technology

Using a dual mechanical & vacuum system, it actively removes fine particles from bedding before being dispensed, allowing for an improved cage environment for the animals while also protecting users from residual fine particles.

Easy and Ergonomic Loading

Available as a stand-alone unit, the bedding dispenser can easily be integrated into in-line dispensing solutions connected with a centralized vacuum system and allergen containment unit.

Class-Leading Accuracy

Ultrasonic dispensers provide two independent dispensing points with automated and excellent dispensing accuracy (+/-4%) – ideal for filling cages quickly & efficiently, by dispensing precise volumes of bedding every time.

High Energy Efficiency

Highly energy-efficient, it requires only a standard 13amp socket. Sleep mode shuts the system down automatically after a set period of non-use, cutting electricity costs. Touch the display to wake the machine instantly.

Plug and Play

The unit is small enough to fit through doors, easy to move, and simple to set into place. Just plug the machine into a standard socket, add your desired bedding, and begin – it is really that easy.

Intuitive Touch Screen HMI

The 7” color touch screen displays live graphics of the top hopper level and alerts users when bedding is required. Users can easily program in their own cage names and adjust dispense volumes accordingly.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
1154 x 670 x 1958 mm
45.43” x 26.38” x 77.09”

Hopper Capacities

Upper Hopper
160 lt / 9764 cu inch

Lower Hopper

80 lt / 4882 cu inch