Changing Station

Class-leading Flexibility for a Dual Access Station

The Changing Station is a dual access animal transfer station providing ease and protection to animal technicians within the Life-Science industry. The stations are designed to protect animals from the external cage environment and users from allergens, dander, and potential pathogens.

The integrated Active Airflow Technology makes a clean work area thanks to an H14 HEPA filtered laminar downflow, creating a fully functioning machine. A user-friendly touch screen interface and ergonomic, electrically driven legs allow the technician to easily raise or lower the working surface to their desired height.

Key Features

Active Airflow Technology

A filtered laminar airflow creates a downflow of H14 HEPA filtered air onto the work surface. ISO class 3 airflow ensures a barrier of protection between animal and operator, reducing cross-contamination and maximizing staff safety.


It offers the best height range in the market. At the touch of a button, the height can electrically be seamlessly lowered or raised, maximizing the user’s comfort levels.

Multi-Configuration Work Surface

Worksurface comes as standard maintaining macroenvironmental temperatures, offering users a quiet and non-reflective surface. Featuring the ability to lower the work surface into a recessed position, it ensures that users always stay within the barrier zone.

Red Light Mode

Red light mode changes the unit’s LED task lighting to red, and shifts the touch screen to a red and black graphical interface, preventing disruption to animals’ sleep cycles.

Easy Cage Change

A large work area, ideal for various rodent cage sizes. The cage lid holder supplied as standard enables quick, aseptic cage changing.

Intuitive Touch Screen HMI

The 7″ color touch screen boasts a multi-language user-friendly interface (UI) and universal icons, allowing the technicians quick access to controls at a glance.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
1612 x 804 x 1647 mm
63,46” x 31,65” x 64,84”

Work Area WxDxH

1203 x 682 x 666 mm
47,36” x 26,85” x 26,22”

1203 x 682 x 707 mm
47,36” x 26,85” x 27,84”