Steelco Chemicals

Chemistries for Washer Disinfectors and Manual Cleaning.

Whether you are undertaking manual cleaning or using an ultrasonic unit or washer-disinfector, it is essential that you get the best cleaning results as well as protect your equipment and instruments. Many different factors can affect cleaning results, including the quality of utilities and equipment, the level and type of soiling present, or using the appropriate cycle and process chemistries.

Steelco Chemicals is a comprehensive range of carefully selected and tested chemistries providing you with simple but effective solutions that assist you in achieving the best reprocessing results cost-effectively per cycle. From manual pre-treatment and precleaning to ultrasonic cleaning, from rinse aid to instrument lubricants, from mild alkaline, alkaline and enzymatic detergents to organic and inorganic neutralizers.

Optimal material compatibility ensures extending the life of your instruments and equipment. We are also pleased to provide free of charge consultancy services to identify how to improve cleaning results and resolve issues while optimizing total costs and process times.