Furniture for the Decontamination Area

Furniture, Equipment and Accessories for Decontamination Area

Soiled and unclean items such as instruments and other used goods after their arrivals in containers and baskets from the operating room, wards, and various departments are either manually cleaned, subjected to ultrasonic processing before cleaning and disinfection, or put directly on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors. For this aim, we offer a well-thought-through range of furniture and equipment, such as manual cleaning workstations, wall and floor cabinets, and small equipment and accessories. High-quality AISI 304 stainless steel and seamless smooth edges TIG welding allow for easy cleanliness and long-term reliability.

Wall Cabinet Units

A choice of single or double-width stainless steel 400mm deep wall cabinets feature a variable height shelf for easy access. Available as open wall units or fitted with either sliding or hinged doors.

Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted stainless steel shelf system typically installed above base units or sinks or where there is equipment underneath it. The complete system comprises wall rails and brackets with two shelves available in different sizes.

Base Cabinet Units

600mm and 700mm depth, open, hinged, or sliding door base units. Also available with 3 or 4 drawers.

Worktops and Built-In Ultrasonic Units

A stainless steel worktop is in either 600mm or 700mm depth, matching the length of base cabinets. An ultrasonic tank can be installed in the factory, ensuring perfect integration on the worktop.



Stainless steel kickplate for enclosing the base of cabinets. To be ordered according to the length of the base cabinet and any open ends.


AISI 304 stainless steel sinks are available in large or small sizes and can be ordered as a single or double configuration for installation on the left, middle or right-hand side of worktops into cabinets for sinks underneath.

Endoscopy Workstation

To aid ergonomics and achieve high levels of decontamination, manual cleaning endoscope workstations have been designed to avoid having to coil the endoscope up in a sink. Designed to fit Steelco EPW S 100 unit.

Faucet and Accessories

A range of faucets is available: with manually operated long neck lever, with additional shower feature for pre-cleaning; and Air/Water spray gun, which can be used with either water or compressed air.

Sink Dosing System

Flow-based sink dosing system designed to deliver a precise volume of detergent eliminating the variability of manually filling. It can be linked to a centralized dosing system.

Manual Trolley Power Wash

For the manual pre-cleaning or cleaning of carts and other furniture, it does not need a connection to power or steam supply. Water pressure adjustable from 2 to 6 bar, temperature up to 50°C. Automatic dosing of detergent.

Wall Mounted Eye Wash Sink

Wall-mounted eyewash sink with stainless steel bowl and intuitively easy to use large activation handle.

Suction Pump with Liquid Containers

Foot pedal operated freestanding compact suction pump and aspiration hose with direct connection to the drainage system.

Refuse Bag Holders

Single or double free-standing refuse bag holders are available as well as single wall-mounted units. Freestanding units alternatively can be ordered with a push handle and either a lid + hinge or pedal system and lid. Different color lids are available on demand.

Transport Trolley for Containers

Used to transport instruments in sealed containers with liquid from OR to SPD.