Underbench or Free-Standing Washer Disinfector.

DS 50 HDRS represents the ideal aid for the cleaning, thermal disinfection and drying of all types of dental and surgical instruments, with a processing capacity of one DIN tray. This model has been designed both for free positioning and for easy integration under the counter. This device is equipped with a high visibility full glass door and a user-friendly soft-touch control system on the glass panel with LCD color display.

DS 50 HDRS provides a practical and safe solution for chemical storage, with a bottom basement that allocates up to two 5 lt chemical containers. The built-in water softener provides optimal cleaning effectiveness. In addition, the drop-down door provides a loading platform for a convenient loading and unloading job.

Key Features

Excellent Washing Results

A heavy washing pump ensures a high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure.

Effective Thermal Disinfection

Washing and disinfection temperatures are fully adjustable up to 93°C / 199 F. Temperature is monitored by two independent sensors.


The convenient design of the door level height allows the user a frictionless loading/unloading job.

Smart Filtering System

Triple water filtering system is easily accessible from the washing chamber. It captures residue preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life.

Steelco washer disinfectors are designed to comply with the European EN ISO 15883-1/2 guidelines on decontamination and are classified CE medical device (Community Rule 93/42/EEC).

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
560 x 577 x 825 mm
22.05″ x 22.72″ x 32.48″

Chamber Volume
~60 lt / 2.11 cu ft

Basket Volume
~50 lt / 1.77 cu ft