ED 100

Drying and Storage Cabinet for Flexible Endoscopes - Horizontal Storage.

ED 100 is a drying cabinet with horizontal storage which protects reprocessed endoscopic instruments from the risk of contamination before reuse. The drying cabinet ED 100 grants the drying and storage of flexible endoscopes, keeping them in aseptic conditions, microbiologically safe, and ready to use.

ED 100 ensures optimal drying and storage of endoscopes by blowing filtered air through endoscopes channels and on their external surfaces. Endoscopes are connected to the drying circuit through specific CPC connectors. Available as single or double interlocked doors for pass-through versions – doors are also key locked. ED 100 meets your demands for the drying and storage of up to 8 endoscopes in baskets with a lower tray for water dripping.

Key Features

Flexible Solution

Drying and storage of up to 8 endoscopes in net baskets with lower trays for water dripping. Supplied as standard with eight net baskets and dedicated connections for instruments. Increased capacity of up to 9 endoscopes can be chosen as an option.

Optimal Drying

High-quality air drying circuit for a homogeneous heat distribution inside the storage chamber. Maximum safety with HEPA H14 filter.

Reversible Doors

HST temperate double glass hinged doors can be configured with right or left opening.

Pass-Through Configuration

ED 100 drying cabinet is available as single door or double door pass-through versions.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH

Single Door Version
712 x 786 x 1905 mm
28.03″ x 30.94″ x 75″

Double Door Version
712 x 837 x 1905 mm
28.03″ x 32.95″ x 75″