LAB 610 G2

High capacity on a small footprint

The LAB 610 G2 is a large-capacity frontal-loading glassware washer that satisfies medium-size facility needs. This unit is capable of injection washing and drying up to 3 baskets at 4 different levels, providing maximum flexibility through multiple chamber configurations depending on the height of the loaded items.

Thanks to an intelligent use of space with the SmartLoad system, its capacity has been increased by more than 50% when if compared with the previous model.
Thanks to a variable-speed pump, it is able to adjust circulation pressure and water consumption to the load in hand.

Steelco laboratory washers offer versatility, safety, high performance, and process traceability with low total life costs.

Key Features

Flexible Solutions

The combination of SmartLoad and SimpleLoad offers users a wide range of loading alternatives.

Eco Friendly Efficiency

The LAB 610 G2 is designed to reduce its environmental impact. Both during its life and at its end it is possible to benefit of its eco-friendly components. Optimal washing results are guaranteed.

Optimized Process Speed

Our focus is to provide customers with the fastest possible processes in compliance with local and international standards. Fast Cycle and humidity sensor options provide savings both in time and energy.

Drying Efficacy

Built-in HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system with adjustable temperature and time settings helps to ensure the complete internal and external drying of all the glassware.

User Friendly Large HMI 

A 7″ color touch display is integrated into the front panel of the glasswasher.

Flexibility in after sale options

In a changing world, your needs may also change.
Steelco offers retrofit kits to adapt to the demands dictated by change.

Product Video

Steelco Laboratory glassware washers comply with the currents European directives and standards as follow: 2006/42/EC, 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU, and 2011/65/EU Directives, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-040, EN 61326-1, EN ISO 15883-1 current standards.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
Height including plinth
650 x 700 x 1940 mm
25.6″ x 27.6″ x 76.4″

Chamber Volume
~250 lt / 8.83 cu ft